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Gas liquid filling machine filling process

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Gas liquid filling machine filling process

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Gas liquid filling machine filling process

Gas liquid filling machine filling process is divided into five steps, automatic paste filling machine, which respectively, gas pressure, into the liquid to gas, liquid filling, pressure release, process to eliminate residual liquid, in the process of the first and second process is the prerequisite for filling, filling is whether normal.

The first process: air pressure such as:

When filling the empty bottle by bottle saddle jacking rises, aim at 16 to cover in bottle. Then 17 contact seal, rubber gasket with bottle and then jacked up on the hood down the elevator guide post 18 continues to rise to cover the top of the side convex plunger, 23, 24 and will push rod through jump ball 27 push up. After 30 will fork lift valve valve lift straight and material on the cylinder gas indoor gas in the air valve on the circumference of a circle of three grooves into, after filling valve 5 center of channel and muffler 19 into the filling bottle, so as to complete charging pressure.

The second process is into the liquid to gas.

Due to the mentioned valve 1, terminate the downward pressure on the valve set of 2. At the same time, due to the fully automatic paste filling machine, filling in the empty bottle filling gas, increase the material valve upward pressure. Therefore, spring can reach to 4 pieces and will be connected to the valve set 2 material valve 5, 22 to rise, make the following valve pad with left lower body 9 circular orifice, door is open. Body fluid from filling material valve cone below the outer ring gap through curved channel into the central ring hole, along the outside of the muffler 19. And because back to the central airway, equipped with rubber cushion cover 20, it happens to stop on bottleneck position. So the flow of liquid blocking by the scattered cover, can flow around the bottle, and guarantee the zener filling, won't make liquid bubble, liquid is rising in the bottle. Two bottles of gas is passed back to the center of the trachea several aeration pads 3 at the top of the filling valve and air valve 1 automatic paste filling machine, gas cylinder on the indoor channel to return. In order to prevent spring when the presence of 4, to block a valve. Filling effect, back to the gas in the central filling valve stem has a convex sets, when block into sets of holes on the filling valve has not been rising, thus increased from vent gas at the top of the filling valve rubber gasket between the valve and maintain

Channel. Back to the central airway, in separate cover 10 with a convex section below. Automatic paste filling machine, used for the return pipe screwing in filling in the valve, and will switch pads 22 pressure. For different high filling bottles, to change between different lengths of trachea. No bottle or critical bottle filling, to cover for their rise in pressure drop, automatically remove the plunger, and the pressure of the push rod, the spring 26 pressure push rod, valve, hydraulic valve not leak.

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