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The principle of vacuum filling

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The principle of vacuum filling

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The principle of vacuum filling

Any company or individual or even a machine can't rely on a single way of live, the way of survival must be diversified, filling machine for a successful enterprise for the design of the filling machine also certainly not for a single filling, filling of the filling machine, automatic paste filling machine, below is the customer more attention on the principle of the vacuum filling method detailed overview:

Vacuum filling method is below the atmospheric pressure under the condition of filling method, there are two ways: one is the differential vacuum type, namely let inside the liquid storage box in normal pressure condition, only the packaging container internal extraction, make its formed certain vacuum degree, liquid depend on the pressure difference between the two container, into the container and finish filling; Automatic paste filling machine, the other is a gravity vacuum type, namely under low vacuum filling method by gravitational force. Using this method the container to a sealing device, make the container (usually) bottle filling to a predetermined level. This in the low vacuum filling, the first thing to avoid flow and pure air filling circumfluence, secondly to avoid into a crack or bottleneck of broken bottles. If did not establish a vacuum in the container, the machine will not filling. So, also prevent the liquid dripping.

The technological process of vacuum filling method are as follows:

(1) vacuum bottle; (2) into the liquid; 3. Stop into liquid; More than 4 fluid backflow, automatic paste filling machine, the exhaust pipe of the residual liquid by the vacuum chamber back to the liquid storage box. Vacuum filling method is used in some low viscosity fluid filling material (such as oil, syrup, etc.) and contain vitamin liquid (such as vegetable juice, juice, etc.). This method not only can improve the filling speed, and can reduce the liquid in contact with the container of the residual air and, therefore to extend the storage life and improving operation condition of certain goods. But is not suitable for filling of the alcohol containing aromatic gas, because it will increase the bouquet of the loss.

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