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The working principle of beer filling machine

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The working principle of beer filling machine

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The working principle of beer filling machine

Beer as a kind of taste the unique flavor drinks. Favored by the majority of people like, in recent years to fully automatic paste filling machine, the other in liquor-making raw materials price increases, the influence of the beer brewing cost increased accordingly. Of the fierce market competition and drink beer. Beer beer manufacturers are competing for market share. On the one hand for beer sales price rise in the price, we can't easily. On the one hand, strengthen internal management efforts to eliminate the raw materials rise in price bring negative effects. Beer filling machine is the core of the beer packaging production line equipment. In the process of beer filling appeared to take wine, dissatisfaction, liquid level is high or low, increasing oxygen content and the bottleneck phenomenon such as air beyond the standard, will directly cause damage increased, thereby increasing the beer packaging costs, because of this. The filler filling effect is good or bad will directly affect the enterprise's economic benefit. Let's first look at the basic requirement and working principle of beer filling machine. Then some of the major factors affecting the filling effect for analysis.

1, the basic requirement of beer filling machine

(light industry standard)

(1) level accuracy rate (liquid level difference is not more than + / - 6 mm)

When the minimum level of capacity, with up to 98.5% of nominal capacity to see the table below.

(2) beer loss rate not greater than o. 6%.

(3) increase oxygen filling: when a vacuum is not greater than o. 15 mg/L, secondary vacuum when no greater than 0.04 mg/L.

(4) the bottleneck of the air volume is not greater than 2 ml.

2, the working principle of beer filling machine beer filling technology already quite mature. Can largely be divided into seven parts.

Filling machine is around the filling process, its working principle is: out of the bottle washing machine clean bottles by lose bottle to bottle feeding screw filling machine, by the bottle into the star wheel to turn table TuoPing cylinder and increase. Under the guidance of bottle in the fixed device press filling valve of the feed opening, form a seal. The bottle In automatic paste filling machine, vacuum, the liquid back pressure of the gas in cylinder (CO) are washed in a bottle, when the gas pressure in the bottle with liquid equals the gas pressure in cylinder, hydraulic valve opened under the action of liquid valve spring. The beer on the muffler umbrella reflects the guiding role of ring. Since moving along the inside wall into glass bottles, bottle glass bottles in the CO, by returning the trachea is replaced liquid cylinder. When the fresh rose to a certain height and will be back to the trachea closed mouth. Stop automatically wine. Then the liquid valve and valve closed, the drainage of the bottleneck part of gas pressure Body in order to prevent the gas liquid in bottle fall gushing, the sample is complete the whole filling process.

3 and the influencing factors of the filler filling effect analysis

3.1 filling pressure influence on filling effect We know that the saturated solubility of CO gas body is contained in beer, automatic paste filling machine, the CO was produced in the fermentation process, or by artificial filling CO, join in to the beer, the beer of CO2 dissolved solution change with temperature, pressure and beer. We use the male type below will show:

For example: when the temperature is 5 ℃, beer CO partial pressure of absolute pressure of 2 bar, CO in the saturated solubility of 5 g/l in beer.

From the formula 1, we can see that with CO CO solubility in the beer is directly proportional to the partial pressure. When the back pressure of liquid cylinder gas pressure is lower than the saturated solubility of CO, CO will escape from beer, wine, discontent, and leading to take influence the effect of beer filling phenomena appear. So filling pressure should be higher than CO saturated solution pressure, should be coming wine low pressure at the same time, to avoid affect the rate of into the wine.

3.2 wine pressure's influence on the filling effect

Beer filling machine from qing wine through the pipeline. The conveying power most breweries USES the back pressure in the wine. By all automatic paste filling machine, clear how to filling machine for a long period of pipeline. Beer to filling machine pressure often unstable. Volatility is larger. The liquid level in the hydraulic cylinder storage also cause larger fluctuations. Thus cause the transgression of the wine beer CO, influence of beer filling effect. General requirements for pressure of 3 bar, absolute value should be less than 0.3 bar pressure fluctuations. We can increase to send wine pump in piping. Mining pressure with frequency conversion control technology to ensure that the lost wine stability. Pressure transmitter is shown in figure 2, will it detected the changes over the pressure of the analog signals of 4-20 ma input PID regulator. 4-20 ma output by a PID controller for control signal to control frequency converter, another inverter control to send wine pump speed, so as to realize the purpose of constant pressure for wine

3.3 TuoPing cylinder pressure influence on filling effect In the process of filling. TuoPing cylinder pressure cannot be ignored. Pressure is too low, not tightly on the bottle up to seal is not good, easy to cause leakage and sparkling wine, wine disaffection: the pressure too big, big shock when the bottle down, also easy to cause take wine. TuoPing cylinder pressure and liquor have a certain relationship. Generally when pouring wine for 2-4 bar pressure. TuoPing cylinder pressure of 2.5-3 bar.

3.4 beer temperature's influence on the filling effect Can be seen from the formula 1 also, the solubility of CO is inversely proportional to the temperature to beer, wine of high temperature would cause the transgression of CO, which reduce the CO content in the beer, and prone to take wine. So. Wine temperature should be strictly controlled in 0 ~ 4 ~ C.

3.5 filling valve for filling effect At present, the domestic most beer manufacturer of filling equipment by using mechanical isobaric filling valve. When filling the vacuum valve, pressure relief valves in the valve's sealing ring wear ChengDingZhong device inside the sealing ring damaged, will break the balance of isobaric filling, easy to build into the filling level is abnormal; When the filling valve of tracheal bent back And the umbrella reflection on the back to the trachea ring damage will affect the normal beer filling. So. For filling valve should enhance the machining quality of parts. Reasonable design of sealing form. To improve the service life of sealing parts.

3.6 bottleneck filling air for filling effect is an important channel of oxygen into beer. Because And it is also an important part of the packaging of beer quality. Beer containing CO gas because it is over, back drunk and have to be pasteurized after sterilization machine, so a bottle of wine can't fill too full, so as to avoid the pasteurized. Beer temperature. Escape the CO gas is not enough buffer space, lead to a dramatic increase in the pressure in the bottle, further bottle. So the full volume of 640 ml bottle of beer for 670 m1. There are 30 ml of bottleneck capacity. If this 30 ml bottleneck space occupied by air. The oxygen in the air will have damaging effects on the bottle of beer flavor. So I must try to remove bottlenecks in the air. Through configuration and high pressure shock in front of the gland bubble device of the method to make high pressure sterile water the beer foam and bring out the bottleneck air away, make bubble overflow in beer bottle about LCM is preferred.

After determined. Bottleneck upper contain coarser beer bubble. Bottleneck air content about 7 ml, automatic paste filling machine, and contains a fine bubbles and channeling out of the bottle, bottleneck air content is about 1 to 2 ml. In order to keep the air bottle is the bottleneck of not more than 2 m1. High-pressure shock pressure of bubble water Should be can automatically adjust. According to the test of excitation bubble water pressure and the relationship between the filling speed, through the PLC control to realize.

3.7 the influence of other factors on the filling effect of other factors affecting the effects of filling and vacuum. Vacuum degree is low. After the beer filling of oxygen increases. Excessive dissolved oxygen will produce very big effect to the taste of the beer. So we usually by secondary vacuum to keep vacuum in more than 90%.

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