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Automated food packages installed change traditional packaging

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Automated food packages installed change traditional packaging

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In packaging machinery, all product packaging almost entirely on human, not only speed is slow, and in the packaging of a degree of standardization, accuracy, beautiful, are often not very desirable, but also created the huge waste of human cost. With the emergence of various types of packaging machinery, especially in recent years, the emergence of automatic packaging line, just a few or even a person can be responsible for the entire operation of the packing workshop, become the important addition to the industrial modernization.

Late, however, fast development are the obvious characteristics of the domestic packaging machinery industry today. At present the whole industry has gradually into the period of product structure adjustment and improve the innovation ability, some packaging machinery to fill the domestic blank, already can basically meet the demand of domestic market, some products and exports. But the overall quality is not high, the big but not strong, weak capacity for independent innovation, international competitiveness is not strong, compared with the international advanced level, the gap is still evident.

Experts suggest that China's packaging machinery industry only with science and technology innovation, as soon as possible close to the user, the independent research and development management instead of blindly introduction and imitation of the traditional model, to make the healthy development of China's packaging industry and market. In the current industry is facing a new round of structural adjustment, technology upgrading, product upgrading of an important moment, domestic enterprises need through independent innovation, the depth of digestion, with a pragmatic attitude development of enterprises and enhance competitiveness, in order to become a giant packaging machinery industry.

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