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SL - 600 sets of standard machine

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SL - 600 sets of standard machine



Type no

SL - 600.

Production capacity

36000 BPH (elevation 100 mm or less)

28000 BPH (elevation 250 mm or less)

The percent of pass

99.9% or higher

The whole line production efficiency

95% or greater (in terms of 24 hours)

The bottle diameter

? 28 mm ~ 125 mm ?

The length of the label

30 mm to 250 mm

The thickness of the label

0.027 mm to 0.13 mm

The label material


Volume label paper core diameter


Volume label outside diameter

500 mm or less


AC380V, 50/60 hz, 3 phase

The set of marking machine power

6 kw

Shrinkage furnace power

1.5 KW

Steam source pressure

1-8 kg/cm2

The steam gas consumption

The < 50 kg/h

Overall dimensions

Set of marking machine: host 2500 x1200x2200 (length x width x height)

Steam shrinkage furnace: L2300mm * H1500mm W500mm

The weight

1200 kg

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